thesnapassembly_style_dita_von_teese_vogue_02Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese steamed up Vogue Australia in a glamourous shoot showcasing her new lingerie line.

The following interview by Carmen Hamilton for VOGUE can be read in full HERE

On being a seductress:

“The great seductresses throughout history are women who are very confident in what they’re doing, and they’re doing it for themselves. It shouldn’t be like, ‘quick, I have to do this tomorrow for this guy.’ I’ve been doing this all along so it looks natural, it feels natural, and so it seems natural to everyone. When you start doing anything for someone else, it will seem like you’re doing it for someone else.” 



On being a seductress in every day life:

“Don’t suddenly say ‘I want to create a layer of seduction’, create your layer of seduction now while you’re single and you’re by yourself with perfumed candles and beautiful lighting and enjoy life. Then, when the time comes and you want to invite someone into your sensual space then you’re ready for it. It looks good, it feels right and you’re comfortable.”


“Don’t save it for a rainy day. Practice seduction in everyday life to become a truly great seductress. You need practice, and then it doesn’t seem like you’re putting it on for someone, which you shouldn’t be. You should be doing things because you enjoy it and you like revelling in the art of being a woman.”

“When I first started posing for pin-ups and creating fetish photos and doing my burlesque shows, I was like, ‘how can I do this thing some people might think is low class or too racey, in a way that shows them that it’s not, and that it has an artistic quality to it?’ That should be the same truth for other women in their own life, with their own sexuality.”


On why black lingerie is best:

“I love black lingerie because I think it’s elegant, timeless, and sexy. It can be erotic. It’s flattering on everyone and it’s not distracting – it doesn’t detract from a woman’s beauty.”

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Originally published by SNAP November 11, 2013