imageMike Mills emerged from art school around the time bands like Sonic Youth & The Beastie Boys carved their respective niche in the indy music scene. Collectively unified by a love of skateboarding, Mills famously went on to create iconic album covers and tour artwork for both bands…. among many others f that era.

In 1998 French duo AIR charged Mills with directing the video for their lyrical track ‘All I Need.’ Armed with a  brief to ‘jest fuck et up!! jest fuck et up!!’ Mills went on to cast 14 year old lovers discovered at a San Diego skatepark, and the memorable clip reveals a birds eye view of their autobiographical love story.

‘Beginners’ debuted Mills as a feature film director in 2012, with Christopher Plummer playing Mills recently departed father. Who in real life, came out as gay to his son, shortly after his mother had passed away. Casting Ewan McGregor as himself, whom Mills taught to replicate his own illustration style, contributing to a funny, poignant & captivating film.

This short film below, commissioned for the SFMOMA sees Mike Mills probe the future of the planet earth as seen through the eyes of kids raised in Silicon Valley.

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