Scott Moggs aka Jimmy Niggels established BEARD SEASON after losing his mate Wes to Melanoma at only 26 years old.

The quest to raise awareness – urging people to regularly check their skin in the hope that early detection will save lives.

Jimmy also helms, a blog updated daily with photos of bearded allies, each image sparking a conversation about melanoma awareness.

The campaign has spawned a satellite website BEARD SEASON – a platform that actively encourages people to regularly be aware of changed or altered skin pigmentations / moles / spots, and to be proactive.

This short video gives the history of the project and introduces us to Wes – who’s life sadly (& swiftly) ended far too soon!!

Watch & pledge to have your skin checked bi-annually?

Read more about the initiative HERE.

BEARD SEASON hosted The Bushranger’s Ball at Janolan Caves, NSW –  documented in this great portrait series shot by Andrew Goldie //

IMAGES (c) Andrew Goldie