THE_SNAP_ASSEMBLY_ARCHITECTURE_1_Living_Laboratory_Richard_Pare_on_Le_Corbusier_Konstantin_Melnikov_07Russian architect Konstantin Melnikov (1890-1974) practiced during the niche on decade when architects were attempting to evolve what would become known as ‘Modernism’ – his work whilst serving to influence succeeding generations – saw the Modernist movement crushed under the Stalin rulership.

Today Melnikov’s buildings remain ‘radical and innovative’ – a combination that lead to both his success and failure – soon to be the subject of a major retrospective in London.



THE_SNAP_ASSEMBLY_ARCHITECTURE_1_Living_Laboratory_Richard_Pare_on_Le_Corbusier_Konstantin_Melnikov_10Of all the buildings he designed one of the most influential was his own home, that encompassed a studio for experimentation, the design serving to questions the idea of a house.

Reported by Yatzer on photographer Richard Pare’s images that feature in the exhibition.

Melnikov’s ingenious use of space, even within the confines of his very limited budget, is emphasised by Pare’s sensitive and subtle approach.

His images of Melnikov’s house are especially poignant, becoming one of the final sets of images made during the life of Melnikov’s son, who gave over the majority of his life to defending his father’s legacy.

The fate of the building remains precarious, locked in a battle of wills between members of the family, private interests and the government.


Richard Pare’s appreciation of Le Corbusier and Konstantin Melnikov’s work is shown by the care with which he creates his images. His photographs are completely enveloping, leading to suspended disbelief, as one is transported momentarily to their settings. Pare’s comprehensive quest to document these modernist architects’ careers has led him to create memorable work which is not to be missed.”
Carol Swords, Gallery Programmer.

Living Laboratory: Richard Pare on Le Corbusier and Konstantin Melnikov
PM Gallery & House21 March – 11 May 2014. 

images Richard Pare / via Yatzer