Architect Richard Rogers and wife Ruth share their home in a short video released last week on NOWNESS.

Having designed many important buildings, among them Lloyds of London, Centre Pompidou, and The Millennium Dome; Rogers’ cites space to be the greatest luxury; followed by a love of light and a view – elements evident in the home they found some 30 years ago.

I love space. The luxury of life is space, we love space. Space and light and view, those are they key things, and this adapted it self well. When we found it we were pretty sure this was the right house.

In Residence: Ruth and Richard Rogers on

Externally the homes is an archetypal London Georgian brick terrace that opens to reveal generous a series light filled interior volumes, that boast minimal lines to showcase the couple’s impressive art collection – that include a Cy Twombly and an overscale Warhol.