Michael Young was keynote speaker at designEX in Melbourne – exploring 21st Century Design, Authenticity, Innovation, and Manufacturing in East Asia – through his own experience.

The British designer established the Hong Kong-based practice Michael Young Studio in 2006, in all, more than 2 decades working with leading brands and innovators.

Taking an entrepreneurial approach to the business of design – Part one of his talk – here:

Known for innovation in furniture, product and interior design industries, Michael Young presents his experience of working in China and cultivating relationships with local manufacturers.

Part two here:

Following his talk Michael engages in a Q+A with Anne-Maree Sargeant, Editor-at-large Belle Magazine, founder of THE SNAP ASSEMBLY blog.

READ IN FULL – DEZEEN interview with Michael Young on why Shanghai manufacture is a dream gig for designers:

China will produce as many world-class designers as Japan within 20 years, according to Hong Kong-based industrial designer Michael Young.

“In 20 years time, Shanghai is going to be like Tokyo,” the British-born designer said. “When I [first] went to Tokyo 20 years ago, Japan was still classified as a country that was copying design and doing poor-quality products. Now it’s got some of the greatest designers in the world. I think it will be the same for China.”<