Young Japanese design-duo YOY burst onto the international design scene four years ago with a standout debut at emerging designer platform Salone Satellite during Milan Design Week and have since continued to create products that are as innovative as they are optical illusions.

In 2012 Naoki Ono, a spatial designer, and product designer Yuki Yamamoto showcased PEEL, a light  that reads as peeling wallpaper, scoring the young designers a coveted emerging designer award for a tray that appeared to hover mid air off a shelf  – thanks to a cleverly concealed clip beneath it.

Their 2013 showstopper CANVAS – a canvas depicting a chair or sofa leaning against the wall that revealed itself to be a seat inspired onlookers to queue for a chance to sit on the framed canvas, each unsure that concealed an elasticised strap on the reverse could comfortably holding the user in a seated position. Fascinated, it was impossible not to try several times.

Last year POSTER transformed an A3 sized sheet into a 3 diminutional LED lamp that adhered to the wall without visible fixings.


TSA_DESIGN_MILAN_2015_yoy_shadow_06The Salone Satellite showcases a curated selection of designers under 35 years old, with a three year limit to their appearance in the pavilion – inevitably the standout designers graduate to showcase at design emporium Rossana Orlandi – where YOY revealed FLOAT this week.

Appearing to float through the air, the lampshade shade is driven by a pair of motors that trigger irregularly, again creating an illusion now signature to YOY’s innovative design pieces, of the lamp that moves though the room seemly at will.

LENS joined this years offering, a mirror that looks as if a part of it were magnified with a lens. Physically Enlarging the frame inside the circle at the upper right part of the frame produce a visual effect as if there were a lens in front of it.

Finally – the pair of SHADOW vases evolve last year’s LIGHT, where a solid form conceals and LED lamp with the projection appearing to defy the view’s concept of light an shade.

Images courtesy of YOY by Yasuko Furukawa