Italian designer¬†Luca Nichetto¬†is set to team with¬†Nendo’s Oki Sato¬†for¬†Nichetto = Nendo¬†¬†an exhibition in the Brera district of central Milan, that will showcase seven new pieces.




Wedge of Matter – a candle holder

By wedging a candle into the fissure that can vary in size. the material the ‘lump’ creates a functional object, and contrasts the gentle form of the vessel with the rigid line of the break that secures the candle.TSA_MILAN_nichetto_nendo_shelves_in_a_comic01

Shelves in a Comic (Shelf) is cited by Nendo to be many small shelves grouped so that some become bookends, whilst others provide small spaces on which to stow one’s objects. Nichetto elaborates that the intended expression is somewhat representative of Manga character form.

TSA_MILAN_nichetto_nendo_paper_Ice_cream02Paper Ice Cream – lamp

A lighting fixture that combines a variety of ice candles that are constructed by carving the ends of  12 mm Japanese cypress posts flat, akin to ice cream sticks Рthe lampshade, made from original material by dying traditional Japanese paper, is created in an unusual there-dimensional process.

When lit, the lamp’s soft light emphasises the paper fibres, with each colour dispensing a subtly different character.TSA_MILAN_nichetto_nendo_trellis_bandaged01


TSA_MILAN_nichetto_nendo_trellis_bandaged03Trellis Bandaged Рa room divider

Adding a functional dimension to the aesthetic purpose of a room divider – taking the motif akin toe the electrical wiring that keeps a car’s rear window from fogging up, the motif is transformed into a three-dimensional metal frame that connects to create a free-standing structure without the need for a large, heavy base.

To this frame a highly flexible fabric is attached diagonally to the structure, the result reduces the sight lines moderately but also creates openings that allows the user to change the shape at will.


TSA_MILAN_nichetto_nendo_bridges_for_islands03Bridges for Islands – sofa

Taking the concept of an archipelago, divided into small parts rather than one great mass, perhaps reflecting the many islands of Venice and recalling the narrow bridges that connect the islands, the bridges are reflected in the fine legs of the sofa.

The ability to freely arrange the sofa’s components give it a floating feeling, and make it ideal for either home and office use alike.



Fish Skin on the Roof – carpet

A carpet whose form, colour and size can change flexibly thanks to individual parts that overlap in pieces like fish scales or roof tiles when assembled. The user can construct the form according to the desired eventual size Рthe result allowing maximum potential outcomes in colour and form combinations.


TSA_MILAN_nichetto_nendo_portable_pot03Portable Pot – stool

Easy to pick up and move single handedly thanks to a concealed round form and ‘handle’ . Carved from cork, a relatively lightweight, yet strong material, the stool can also function as a side table if required.

Visit Nichetto = Nendo  during Salone del Mobile

Foro Buonaparte 48 // www.nendo.jp // www.lucanichetto.com

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