TSA_INTERIOR_Rick_Owens_03Rick Owens home, in what had previously been the former French Socialist Party headquarters, just a few blocks south of the Seine

The abandoned office block had been empty for 20 years, prior to Owens purchasing the building in 2004.

“It was hideous: office cubicles, insulation tiles, a real rat warren. I think it was too daunting for most people to take on‚ not too many people would do it the way we did,”

“we just ripped things out, but left the concrete floors and some of the other stuff‚ the bare bones are good.”

Adding “Clothes are supposed to be about experience‚ the damage, the patina, accepting it and enjoying it, making it part of life. We all get impatient when things are too prim.”

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Originally published by SNAP April 23, 2013