Two Islands won the Flat Lot Competition, the brief – to design a summer pavilion in Flint, Michigan – the initiative striving to stoke the city’s continued efforts in urban revitalisation.

‘Mark’s House’  – representing ‘abandonment, loss and the importance of shelter’ – the result of the demolition of over 2000 houses in Flint, where foreclosures have forced scores of families out of town having lost their homes in the financial crisis.

Among the demolition was the 1890’s Tudor-style property that was once home to 21-year-old Mark and his family.

London-based collective Two Islands was awarded the design of the Summer Pavilion last May, with the project now unveiled in a downtown parking lot.



As reported by designboom:

Raised a storey above the ground, the 4000 lb // 1,814 kg structure is designed to withstand 90 mph winds. The Tudor-style dwelling cantilevers on top of a mirrored pedestal, and is coated in a 5 mm reflective mylar skin, which makes it blend in with its surroundings, as if it had disappeared. This finish changes with the weather conditions, stretching or wrinkling with varying amounts of moisture in the air. The transitions create a visually intriuging display.

Underneath the floating building, a ceiling sports 882 lightboxes personalized with hundreds of faces and photos of over 90 global KickStarter supporters. A platform below creates a place to host community events, the first of which was the Flint art walk.


The Mylar-clad structure is designed to reflect and withstand the elements, with each light in the ceiling displaying the face of a global donor – via crowd funding more than $25,000 was raised to asset realising the project.

Images courtesy of Two Islands (c) Gavin Smith