A collaboration between Sydney industrial designers Sarah K and Henry Wilson, and Melbourne-based Dale Hardiman for SUPERCYCLERS resulted in RUBBERWEIGHT, a pendant light that debuted during London Design Festival this month at 19 Greek Street.

Nominated among WALLPAPER Magazine‘s top picks from LDF, the elegant light is set to launch in Melbourne late next month.

TSA_DESIGN_LDF14_SUPERCYCLERS_rubberweight_detailThe conical form combines a solid bronze component that combines with a rubber shade, remnants from a rubber factory. Up-cycling and re-use remain core to SUPERCYCLERS ethos, and in this instance pairing the rubber with the rich metal creates an object of desire.

SUPERCYCLERS was born of designer/curator Sarah K and designer/artist Liane Rossler, exhibiting widely in their native Australia, as making repeat appearances at Milan Design Week with Ventura Lambrate; and Sarah K also previously exhibiting at LDF with 19 Greek Street design gallery.

TSA_DESIGN_LDF14_SUPERCYCLERS_rubberweight_explodedThe pendants will debut in Australia at CRITERIA COLLECTION, a design gallery set to launch in Melbourne late October.

supercyclers // 19 Greek Street London // CRITERIA COLLECTION (site live soon)