Popular French brand Moustache question whether Milan Design Week is the right platform for smaller brands and emerging designers to showcase their collections, citing excessive costs and the battle for audience engagement when showcasing during the biggest – by far – of all design festivals.

Sidestepping the costs of shipping product (ok, it’s only France to Italy, try from Australia guys!) and creating an installation backed by a substantial marketing investment, and insurmountable time and energy – Moustache have released a video to debut works by Raw EdgesBertjan Pot and Scholten & Baijings – shot by photographers Charles Negre and Lee Wei Swee.

“A lot of small companies like Moustache that work very well at other fairs – Paris, Stockholm, Kortrijk, Tokyo, Cologne – feel trapped with Milan and still exhibit there knowing in advance that the business will be disappointing,” Moustache director Stephanie Arriubergé explained to dezeen. “It’s probably time to reshuffle the cards.”

As Milan Design Week draws to a close for another year, half a million design pundits will have no doubt been inspired by the plethora of events, installations, emerging trends, and lest not forget, new products – with the platform now dominated by so many corporate brands one wonders if there’s sense in the Moustache approach of doing more with less.




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