TSA_DESIGN_LEE_BROOM_LDF14_Chamber-Light-Large-&-Small---White-BackgroundLee Broom has released Nouveau Rebel at London Design Festival, a five-piece collection of Carrara marble and lead crystal lighting and glassware showcased at his flagship store Electra House in Shoreditch.

The clean geometric forms fuse contemporary styling with traditional fabrication techniques, with an acknowledged nod to the 1980’s.

 “I named the collection Nouveau Rebel as it is a material favoured by the traditional art world and also the nouveau riche. I like the tipping point between these two worlds, and I wanted to create contemporary products that use the material in new ways whilst referencing 80’s styling and traditional production methods”

Playing with the more typical notions of stone being ‘solid’ – the translucent marble diffusers emit a subtle glow thanks to a finely honed profile, each encased in a hand-blown lead crystal exterior.

The Chamber lights (above) juxtapose the strength of stone with the fragility of crystal, and the pendants can be grouped in clusters or used individually.



The spherical light DOME features a lead-crystal cap that meets a marble base concealing an LED light source that permeates through the central plane, emitting a soft glow – creating a substantial illuminated sculpture.




ON THE ROCK glassware debuted during Milan Design Week in April, and now sees a martini glass joining the widely acclaimed champagne coupe and wine glass. The three-piece collection again show strong geometry, and aremade from Italian Carrara marble and hand-blown lead crystal glass.

For us the hero of Nouveau Rebel is TUBE. Whilst clearly referencing traditional fluorescent tube lighting, the use of a single piece of Carrara marble lit by an internal LED lighting strip capped with brass ends, elevates a utilitarian object to an object of desire.

When illuminated the unique qualities of each piece of stone is celebrated, again, part illuminated sculpture, part functional contemporary lighting, remaining both classic and modern in one!



TSA_DESIGN_LEE_BROOM_LDF14_Tube-Light---White-Background01NOUVEAU REBEL AT ELECTRA HOUSE until September 21


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