Swiss consumer technology company PUNKT upholds design as core to it’s DNA, unveiling one of their most ambitious projects since launching in 2008.

MP01 by PUNKT Art Director and Brit design legend Jasper Morrison, retains user-simplicity offering text and phone call functionality with out additional fluff.

So goodbye status updates and alerts – like Morrison himself – MP01 marks a return to being present and not allowing technology to dominate our lives.


In a curated installation by the brand at Somerset House for this month’s London Design Festival – TEN DESIGNERS OF THE WEST WING will showcase September 21 – 27th, 2015.

The installation harnesses illustration to explore the role of technology in our lifestyle, encouraging ‘good habits’ that enable users to be more present and less distracted by their interactions with technology.

It is a liberating device that removes unnecessary distraction and goes back to the essentials of communication.

PETER NEBBY, Punkt Founder / CEO

TSA_PUNKT_MOBILE_PHONE_Jasper_Morrison_03Fairly priced at GBP 299 I USD/EUR 295 – this will be a hit for lovers of lo-fi minimal design.

Made from high grade materials and featuring light scratch resistant Gorilla Glass screen, the soft touch interface is built to last in a statement against throw away culture.

A high grade camera, integrated clock and custom sound tones by a Norwegian sound artist point to the phone being a must have for design junkies who simply want to make phone calls and get on with life uninterrupted by digital addiction.


Punkt. at the London Design Festival
Somerset House, The Strand, London WC2R 1LA
21 – 27 September 2015
Mon-Wed & Sun: 10am-6pm // Thu-Sat: 10am-9pm