The words IKEA and INNOVATION are not often said in the same breathe, but the new wireless charging furniture collection is a definite game changer!

The collection of furniture and lighting with integrated charging pads for phones and tablets will hit the shelves of UK IKEA outlets next month.

As reported on DEZEEN blog – bedside tables and lamps will incorporate a pad that wirelessly charges Nokia, Google Nexus, HTC, Samsung and Google Nexus devices, with plans for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy to be supported in the not to distant future.

Simply place the device on the surface of the concealed charging pad and the process is activated.

A series of stand alone charging pads with USB connectivity as well is also slated for release, the move flagging smart furniture is now an obtainable reality for a board range of consumers.


TSA_DESIGN_Ikea_wireless_charging_3source via dezeen // read original post in full here