THE_SNAP_ASSEMBLY_archtecture_fcjz_vertical_glass_house_03The Vertical Glass House by Atelier fcjz serves as a permanent pavilion come guest house for visiting architects and artists, originally designed for an annual residential competition in Shinkenchiku, Shanghai, China.

The concrete clad building envelope encases a glazed ‘reveal-all’ interior one not for the feint hearted!

A singular steel column at the very centre of the footprint supports crossing steel columns that subdivide the space into exact cubes.

A 7cm thick tempered glass panel serves as the floor in each quadrant dedicated to a distinct domestic activity.

A metal spiral staircase extends through all 4 levels of the building, ending in a double-height atrium facing the sky. Horizontal slit openings in the exterior envelope allow the glass floor to break through the wall and allow the floor planes to be illuminated naturally while they glow at night.

With the entire interior visible from every angle – the space uninhibited nature of the light filled volumes juxtaposed by the solid box-like exterior visible from outside.





THE_SNAP_ASSEMBLY_archtecture_fcjz_vertical_glass_house_08images (c) Atelier FCJZ via designboom