TSA_DESIGN_Philippe_Starck_riko_pre-fab_03Philippe Starck’s collaboration with Riko, a leading European manufacturers of sustainable prefabricated wooden buildings – has resulted in P.A.T.H. (prefabricated accessible technological homes). 

The range of 34 models can be reconfigured as the user desires, by selecting interior finishes and fixtures, light fittings, floor finishes and bathroom tiles, through to different façades, and a range of roofing types, to realize a truly customized home.

Announced in October 2012, Starck with Riko has unveiled renderings of the various housing typologies on offer. with completion estimated to be 8 weeks – we look forward to more well designed sustainable housing to enter the pre-fabricated housing sector. Prices vary on personal specifications – the guide of 2,500 EUR (approx. $3,600 US / AUD) per square meter is given by the fabricators.

From the project team :

All major building components of a P.A.T.H. structure–from external and internal walls, the ceiling and roof structure–are pre-fabricated in controlled production facilities, where the manufacturing process is protected from the effects of weather, allowing parts to be made all year round. the elements are created to the highest degree, including the exterior façade and frame,  filled with insulation and finished with closing panels. this level of detailed pre-fabrication ultimately reduces the duration of the on-site assembly process considerably compared to traditional on-site building techniques. from start to finish it takes approximately two months to complete all required electrical and mechanical installations to equip your home with the fit-outs you have selected.

Images courtesy of Starck with Riko // via designboom

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