BIG ( Group) will design a futuristic  in Givskud, Denmark – the concept aiming to integrate nature and natural elements and the visitors experience with the application of innovative architectural elements.

Integrating and hiding buildings within the landscape, arriving at the zoo, visitors will  either enter a large central square or climb the ‘building-landscape,’ that provides an overview across the park. From this central element visitors can access different areas of the zoo, while a 4km hiking trail will connect the other sectors – each representing the continents of Africa, America and Asia

“the best possible and freest possible environment for the animals’ lives and relationships with each other and visitors.” The firm has been working for the past two years to make Zootopia what the Danish press is calling “the world’s most advanced zoo.”

With the first phase slated for completion in 2019, coinciding with the park’s 50th anniversary.




‘To create a framework for such diverse users and residents such as gorillas, wolves, bears, lions and elephants is an extremely complex task. We are pleased to embark on an exciting journey of discovery with the Givskud staff and population of animals – and hope that we could both enhance the quality of life for the animals as well as the keepers and guests – but indeed also to discover ideas and opportunities that we will be able to transfer back into the urban jungle.

Who knows perhaps a rhino can teach us something about how we live – or could live in the future?

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Images courtesy of BIG Architects // earlier post on BIG