THE_SNAP_ASSEMBLY_architecture_Bernardo-Bader-Architects_heroBernardo Bader Architects designed an Austrian chalet constructed from locally sourced pine & spruce that nods to the rich cultural heritage of the surrounding region.

Whilst the design remains contemporary, Bader was mindful of the historic ties to the Walser culture, one famed for migratory settlements in the region during the twelfth / thirteenth century, and settling in various pockets of the upper Alps.

By combining new building methods with traditional techniques the overall design of the structure is intended to uphold the authentic style of the original Walser dwellings – with a concrete substructure anchoring the building to the terrain, and rough-cut timber cladding on the exposed upper levels.



Our use of the wood was similar to how it would have been years ago – simple, first-hand and rough. The intentional rough planking together with the randomness of smaller and bigger windows generate an exciting facade game and (create) an intimate atmosphere inside, with framed views to the exterior.




THE_SNAP_ASSEMBLY_architecture_Bernado_bader_architects_09Photography © Archive Architects // via @dezeen with original text by SNAP

Bernardo Bader Architekten