6a architects interpreted Paul Smith’s hand drawn sketches to realise the cast iron facade of the Almemarle Street flagship store that opened last week, standing in defiant contrast to the prevailing Georgian architecture in Mayfair.



From the architects:

The ground floor rustication of the Georgian townhouse and the ornamental language of the 18th century shop front were reinterpreted and abstracted in a sinuous pattern of interlocking circles cast into a new solid iron facade. The repetition of the typical Regency shape brought an optical complexity, which with the play of sunlight and shadow turns the pattern into a deep surface texture. Seen obliquely it seems woven, like a fine cloth.



Last week the Dezeen blog reported on the interior fit out of the newly expanded site, with an existing retail space being expanded into the neighbouring premises.
From the Paul Smith media release :

The imposing facade incorporates Paul’s hand drawings in bespoke cast iron panels designed in conjunction with 6a architects.

The interior is decorated with an eclectic mix of stunning design pieces and intricate details, such as the 26,000 dominos covering the accessories room walls.


Interior images via Dezeen // Exterior images courtesy of Paul Smith London