the_snap_assembly_andy_warhol_MarilynWas Andy Warhol the  definitive precursor to Pop Art, Punk, celebrity obsession, pulp media, reality TV and the commercialisation of modern art?

The shy illustrator landed in New York in the late 1950’s, and after a raft of knock backs from advertising agencies, he first exhibited in a local cafe where blotted ink and watercolours sold for a mere $25 a pop! That geeky exterior was swiftly given an instant makeover, and the new ‘cool’ Warhol soon went on to command big bucks working as a creative at a leading agency.the_snap_assembly_andy_warholNot satisfied with being a commercial artist, Warhol went on to appropriate images of mass produced items, and famously, produced a plethora of screen printed Polaroid portraits. It was the installation of 24 images of Marilyn Monroe, produced not long after her untimely overdose, that enabled Warhol to be considered as a fine artist, albeit one of a new and emerging genre born of his own doing.


In this revealing documentary British art critic Alastair Sooke explores the work and life of four great masters in an endeavour to identify why each artist’s work is still relevant today – launching the series with Warhol.

Sooke reveals just how brilliantly Andy Warhol pinpointed and portrayed our obsessions with consumerism, celebrity and the media, and then went on to re-invent them.

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