TSA_ART_JR_INSIDEOUT_TimesquareFrench artist JR has initiated the world’s largest art project – aimed at motivating a diverse range of communities to highlight their local causes via over scale ‘paste up’ street portraits – in the project ‘Inside Out’.

The project by the TED prize-winning artist is set feature a soon to be released film directed by Alastair Siddons, a study of how the power of image can be used to transform the lives in people across many and varied communities.

As part of the project, photobooths and printers were provided enabling the public to participate instantly and free of charge, resulting in tens of thousands of portraits have being printed. Read more about the project presented at TED – HERE.

Images above courtesy of JR show regions spanning Thailand, Haiti, Austin Texas, Brazil, and Time Square, to name but a few regions participating in the inspirational project.

Watch the trailer below.

Watch JR’s award winning TED speech on the project.

www.insideout-themovie.com // www.jr-art.net

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