THE_SNAP_ASSEMBLY_LIGHT_ART_James_Turrell_01Light artist James Turrell‘s installations fuse movements of colour and light within space, the works best experienced first hand with still imagery failing to capture the ‘experience’ of being in a constantly altering space.

The latest incarnation of Turrell’s SKYSPACE series, ‘The Colour Inside’ has been commissioned by public art program Landmarks at The University of Texas at Austin, with an elliptical white-plaster tower added to the existing campus roof. From the basalt bench rimming the internal walls, up to 25 visitors can experience the wonder of variable lighting, with the sky revealed via an oval opening in the ceiling, with viewers finding it often impossible to identify the sky from the ceiling.

Fusing sky, sun and chromatic saturation, custom programmed LED lights slowly morph hues of purple, pink, white, green and yellow – set to the backdrop of the constantly changing sky, visible through the circular aperture in the ceiling.

I’ve always wanted to make a light that looks like the light you see in your dream