Prior to the advent of television, posters were used to advertise brands & events, and graced walls & billboards around the world.

Melbourne gallery owner Sam Johnson - better known as The Poster King - is hosting a 2 day Pop-Up at Corporate Culture / CULT showrooms in Sydney (February) & Brisbane (March).
“I see vintage advertising posters as a document of a forgotten time. The collections we source never made it to the walls, and are in limited supply which is increasing the demand from collectors”
In 1993 The Poster King was living above an auction house in Paris where he became consumed by the imagery, & saw the need to preserve the art form. His passion ultimately lead to the opening of his Melbourne gallery VINTAGE POSTERS ONLY in 1995.
“The works were created by talented artists, printed by lithographers, who, at the time, were responsible for producing the best quality poster art for the era. The plastes are masterfully created, and the attention to detail is evident in the works.”
For preservation – the posters are first lined with rice-paper prior to being linen-backed in Paris, where most are sourced.
Original works will feature prewar artists such as Cappiello famous for his posters for CAMPARI & CINZANO in the 1920’2 & 30’s. Post-war artists include Villemot, regarded as a pioneer in the art-form, with over 700 designs for BALLY, ORANGINA, PERRIER & AIR FRANCE, to name a few.
The Poster King is regarded to be the leading Australian authority on Vintage Posters, having sourced works now residing in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, as well as The Powerhouse Museum and The Maritime Museum in Sydney.
All works are for available for purchase.
SYDNEY Pop-up          
Friday Feb 7th  12.00 Р5pm // Saturday Feb 8th       10.00 Р4pm
Friday March 7th       12.00 Р5pm  // Saturday March 8th 10.00 Р4pm