Broached Commissions, an installation of limited edition furniture, lighting & objects, launched in Sydney late 2011. Helmed by design consultant Lou Weis, invited Australian designers Trent Jansen, Adam Goodrum, Chen Lu and Charles Wilson, along with installation artist Lucy McRae, and Brit designer Max Lamb, to respond to a stringent curatorial brief set by academic John McPhee – with each work aiming to explore the applied arts in a specific part of Colonial Australian history.

Whilst the edition design market is relatively new in Australia, edition design is an established market in UK, Europe and parts of the US – with leading design galleries exhibiting at Art Basel / Design Miami, and more recently appearing in Milan during Salone del Mobile. The Broached collection comprises a table, tall boy, lighting, sandstone scultural objects and a tea set,with prices from $7,500 – $45,000, and a fair selection of works having already been procured by contemporary art and design collectors, eager to support our burgeoning design market.

BIRDSMOUTH TABLE, Adam Goodrum (above)

The Birdsmouth Table both functional and symbolic, incorporating a central tool of empire, the mast, into a beautiful jewellery-like element that punctuates the Chippendale inspired tabletop at each of the leg standing points. The table has eight legs, each with a brass castor, and six drawers lined with kangaroo skin. The Wenge and blockwood table top is intersected with primary coloured Marblo leg detailing that features on the table top, and spans 2270 mm. Goodrum has furniture in the collections of leading Italian design brands, among them Cappellini, Poltrona Frau and Bonacina, and has previously exhibited edition work at a design gallery in Paris. / /


The Briggs Family Tea Service represents the marriage of George Briggs, a free settler to Tasmania, to Woretermoeteyenner of the Pairrebeenne people, and the four children they had together. The tea service brings together the materials common for water holding to each culture: porcelain in Britain and bull kelp in Tasmania, representing the beginnings of a hybrid culture. Combining slip cast porcelain, swathed in bull kelp and wallaby pelt, and decorated in copper and brass, the result of a collaboration with a porcelain artist. Jansen launched his career with a coveted internship with Marcel Wanders at MOOOI, and last year won a three month internship in Italy at EDRA, mentored by Massimo Morozzi. / /

The Briggs Family Tea Service from BroachedC on Vimeo.


Rising British design star Max Lamb has established a name for himself in the collectable edition market, and spent two months working closely with a NSW quarry to execute The Hawkesbury Sandstone Collection – a family of objects made from Gosford Sandstone, on-site at the quarry‚Äôs stone yard. The Broached Colonial pieces by Max Lamb represent a major shift in Lamb to work with stone. The pieces include steps, a table, four stools, and a bench. //

Hawkesbury Sandstone Collection by Max Lamb from BroachedC on Vimeo.


Dream Lantern is the result of research into curiosity objects of the late eighteenth to mid nineteenth centuries, such as magic lanterns. The four decorative shades are inspired by different elements in the famous life of escaped convict Mary Bryant. The light is completely mobile and can be hung as a pendant or used as a table lantern. Four discs made from timber, glass, translucent Marblo and brass, with the lamp coming in two version s including a pendant. Chen’s practice spans industrial and interior design, with projects including the fit out of¬†Billy Kwong restaurant in Australia, and for several years being the creative force behind the spectacular window displays at¬†HERMES showrooms in Australia.


Applying the adaptive reuse capabilities that have made McRae’s work as an architect and artist to create a light, by adding a protective skin to an existing floor light, transforming it into a new creature capable of intense labour and self-preservation – qualities McRae deemed essential for women wanting to survive the harsh conditions common during the Australian colonial period. This is first object designed by McCrae, an installation artist currently based in Europe./ /

TALL BOY, Charles Wilson

Superbly crafted, Tall Boy unites a range of colonial period references into a traditional furniture piece, stylistically referencing works from the late seventeenth century. The seven drawer Tall Boy brings together a love for the makeshift agricultural structures of rural Australia, the slender lines of Biedermeier furniture and the simplicity of obelisks to create a unique object. Joins and legs ¬†are made from handcrafted Blackwood and the cabinet is finished with French Polish. / /

Images:  (c) Scottie Cameron


Introduction to Broached Commissions from BroachedC on Vimeo

BROACHED COMMISSIONS – in Sydney until November 20, 2011/ /