TSA_ART_LIGHT_SCULPTURE_Niamh_Barry_04Acclaimed international artist and light sculptor Niamh Barrya Dublin based artisan who designs & makes bespoke and limited edition light sculptures, working predominantly with patinated and polished bronze, glass and polycarbonate.

Standout at her graduate show in 1991, Barry then spent a brief time in art direction and the television industry prior to focussing full-time on her craft. A self-taught welder, she commenced constructing furniture, and since 2007 shifted her practice to fine art, producing sculptural works that embrace materiality and a strength in form, with exceptionally high quality outcomes.

The pieces are abstract in form, characterized by references to everyday objects with inspiration spanning jewellery through astrology.

Beauty of material and form remains paramount, the pieces use negative space within the form to define the ethereal beauty of each piece.

COUNTERPOISE (above) combines hand-raised mirror polished and brushed solid bronze with hand-formed mirror polished solid bronze, Magnet and LED – exhibited at New York Gallery Todd Merrill in November 2014.

Probing the dynamic of balance and counterbalance and expressed through the relationship between line and for, the lines flow and create movement, the forms give gravitas and solidity, both line and form in balance.



FALLING MIRROR, a polished solid bronze Opal Glass LED sculpture on plinth was produced as a unique work in 2013, and explores the notion of a suspended moment with the rings intentionally appearing as though they might be falling apart from each other.

The BINARY series make reference to a system of two objects in space which are so close that their gravitational interaction causes them to orbit about a common centre of mass. TSA_ART_SCULPTURE_NIAMH_BARRY_Tilted_Head_2

TSA_ART_SCULPTURE_NIAMH_BARRY_Tilted_Head_detailTILTED HEAD evolved from a study of an embrace, expressed in mirror polished hand-formed solid bronze encasing opal glass covered LED lumiares. TSA_ART_LIGHT_SCULPTURE_Niamh_Barry_01HIS is one of a pair of works commissioned to capture the essence of masculinity, crafted from mirror polished and patinated hand-formed solid bronze with opal glass mosaic


The customised lighing installation GESTURE is a one-off work, featuring mirror polished hand-formed solid bronze with opal glass mosaic housing LED lighting.

. Link Light – Niamh Barry – Contemporary Irish Artist from Niamh Barry on Vimeo.

TSA_ART_SCULPTURE_NIAMH_BARRY_Fouette_1FOUETTE II combines brushed solid bronze, opal glass and LED, and produced in a limited edition of 12 plus one artists proof. Inspired by the movement of ballet dancers during a performance, with movement being a recurrent theme in Niamh’s works. Embracing the different forms that shift with the direction of the viewer, FOUETTE reflects the fluidity of dancers in motion.

All images © Niamh Barrytoddmerrillstudio.com  

Originally published by SNAP February 2, 2015.