TSA_ART_ANNA_SCHWARTZ_AP-STEZJ-01199-A TSA_ART_ANNA_SCHWARTZ_ap-stezj-01906-a_1 TSA_ART_ANNA_SCHWARTZ_ap-stezj-01930-a_1 TSA_ART_ANNA_SCHWARTZ_ap-stezj-01931-a_1Anna Schwartz Sydney has launched a series of photo collages by esteemed British artist John Stezaker.

Collaging imagery from magazines, books and postcards, Stezaker then conveys his own poignant meanings that explore the viewer’s relationships with the photographs as memory, as source of documentation, and the relationship with modern culture. Verging on surrealism, his work recently showcased at the Sydney Biennale at the MCA.

July 26 – September 6, 2014, Carriageworks.

annaschwartzgallery.com // carriageworks.com.au


Images courtesy of Anna Schwartz Gallery // Top image from a previous installation.TSA_ART_ANNA_SCHWARTZ_AP-STEZJ-00923-A