TSA_ART_James_L_Marshall_The_Swallows_Tail_Blindside_Install_5The recipients of the University of South Australia 2015 Samstag Scholarships have been announced, with Melbourne-based practitioner James L. Marshall and Hong An James Nguyen awarded.

Multidisciplinary artist Marshall graduated South Australian School of Art, his practice spanning digitally created imagery through sculptural works. Intending to use the scholarship to further studies in the USA, Marshall shared his process and inspiration with us explaining :

I always start with a sketch in my journal or on my laptop. From there the idea goes through a number of conceptual filters which can take anywhere from a few weeks to as long as years to resolve.

I’ve recently re-explored a series of paintings that I started experimenting with about five years ago. For a long time they just sat as files on my desktop. It’s taken me this long to understand where they sit within the context of my other works and to feel comfortable letting them out. 

In terms of the actual production this changes depending on the materials that the piece is created with. 

I work a lot with local fabricators who are great at educating about material application. The learning curve from choosing a material to really understanding the potential and limitations is sharp working this way. 


TSA_ART_James_L_Marshall_Mendota-Block-(Installation-view)---BUS-Projects,-Melbourne-IMG2Citing broad ranging influences from 90’s cyberpunk anime to abstraction, light, minimalism and parapsychology, Marshall concludes :

There’s a certain absurdity in art. The idea that there’s value (both symbolic and monetary) in the eye or gesture of the artist is a huge turn on.

View installation by James L Marshall – here // Hong An James Nguyen – here

Images courtesy of the artist.