Water PIpes 13# Sydney, Australia 2012-2Artist/photographer Emilio Cresciani presents a fascinating series of fine art images in the exhibition ‘Remains of the Day’.

Using different types of waste including perishable objects such as tyre rims, mattresses, TVs and wires as subjects, Cresciani reverses the images to the negative, making them x-ray-like, and in the artists’ eyes – being metaphors for disease, exploring notions of our consumer driven lifestyle.

Tyre Rims 20# Sydney, Australia 2012-2

matressesIMG_0053-4 lowcopy-2


Gas Metal Pipes 6# Sydney, Australia 2012 copy-2

Bulet Casing, 2012 IMG_9649-2-2 copy-227 August – 14 September 2014, Incinerator Art Space, Sydney.

Incinerator Art Space // emiliocresciani.com

Images © Emilio Cresciani