TSA_ART_WHITE_RABBIT_shen-shaomin-laboratory-three-headed-six-armed-superhuman-2005-bones-bone-meal-glue-glass-dimensions-variable-detail-2Former director of the Art Gallery of NSW Edmund Capon, an esteemed identity in the Australian Arts , has been given free reign to curate the latest exhibition qt White Rabbit Gallery, his selection from 700+ works from the privately held archive.

The inner-Sydney gallery boasts one of the world’s largest collections of Contemporary Chinese Art – specifically  21st Century works – owned by collector Judith Neilson,  a selection of works, showcased over three levels, is open to the public.


Serve the People opened on the weekend, the exhibition ironically titled after a Maoist slogan,
explores three qualities of Chinese society and culture over the last half-century: fear, anarchy, and hope.
A slogan of the 1966–76 Cultural Revolution, “Serve the People” meant serving the great cause of socialism. Artists were crucial to that effort, but they had to make the right kinds of art: Soviet-style socialist realism or ink painting on revolutionary themes. All other art forms, Western or Chinese, were banned, and those who dared to practise them were vilified as capitalist-roaders and traitors.
Read more about the exhibition HERE // read Edmund Capon’s thoughts to the works above HERE.
whiterabbitcollection.org // until February 4, 2014 – Thursday to Sunday 10.00 am – 6pm
IMAGES courtesy of White Rabbit   
Su Meng-Hung, ‘The Album of Immortal Blossoms in an Everlasting Spring by Giuseppe Castiglione’ // Shen Shaomin, ‘Laboratory – Three Headed and Six Armed Superhuman’, 2005 (detail) // MadeIn (aka Xu Zhen), ‘Immortals’ Trails in Secret Land’