Dutch Belgian design firm¬†studio job¬†(Job Smeets/Nynke Tynagel) developed a collection of five canisters – the project began during the design process of ‘piece for peace‘, with Belgian¬†crystal producer Val Saint Lambert. ¬†Smeets & Tynagel stumbled upon a supply of¬†hundred year old hand-blown crystal pieces not crafted into finished products. Studio Job transformed five pieces¬†from the unfinished stock, reworking them into unique vessels: a coffee pot, a waste basket, a saucepan, a picklehaube & a stew pan.

Each piece remains original, individually coloured & intricately cut, offering a rich textured surface, with polished, patinated bronze elements added to characterize the works according to their proposed function. The completed sculptural containers are exhibited on a high gloss white and gold gilded wood pedestal. The functional yet surreal works of art are presented by Galerie VIVID as part of Design Miami 2011. November 30 РDecember 4, 2011.

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