Raised in the Greek Isles on Rhodes, Chrysa Koukoura moved to the UK with her family at eight prior to relocating to London to study graphic design where she honed a passion for illustration.

Working between London and Melbourne Chrysa’s works have appeared in books and publications, and sell both online and at specialist design stores.

The detailed black and white works are created with fine-line pen, formed with such precision one may at first assume them to be computer generated.

You can also find her on weekends at Rose St artist’s market, Fitzroy, Melbourne.



Trippy Science (above) Chrysa Koukoura, 2014) // fine-line pen on paper

A personal project that took my love of labatory equipment and Alchemy to create something a little magical in its sterile lab setting.
After numerous attempts at trying to find original lab set-up diagrams, I set about making up my own in Photoshop which I then drew. Creating my own diagrams allowed me to create something a little more out of the ordinary.


With a slight hesitancy in working with colour, I use fine pen on paper with meticulous detail, my aim being to draw the viewer in for a closer look 

I love the simplicity and the restrictiveness of working in black and white, as it requires me to bring something extra out of an image that wouldn’t usually be there had a colour been involved.





Mountainscapes (above) Chrysa Koukoura, 2013) / / fine-line pen on paper
A series of three detailed illustrations inspired by the mountain ranges of Uttarkhand, India. The final result, reminds me very much of Japanese black and white tattoo art. Hidden amongst the illustration you can find mountains, monasteries, and religious symbols. 

Images courtesy of the artist © Chrysa Koukoura

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