Alasdair Macintyre‚Äôs pinnacle work,¬†Dinky-Di, has been acquired by the Gold Coast City Gallery. Dinky-Di, a series of twelve effigies of Australia‚Äôs great artists, is a turn in Macintyre‚Äôs practice with the works being significantly larger than his previous miniature figurines. Charting post-war Australian art, these figurines stand as The Twelve Disciples, paint brushes raised and ready for battle. Inspired by his personal vault of art documentaries, Macintyre has synthesized his admiration for these artists, run their likenesses through the ‘Macintyre filter’ and brought these artists to life in his imaginary world of ¬†’Splatsville’. ¬†Constructed from wood, polystyrene, resin, plastic and acrylic paint, the figures stand almost 65cm.

Brett Whitely, Jeffrey Smart, Rosalie Gascoigne, John Olsen, Margaret Olley, and Charles Blackman (all shown above), join Bill Robinson, Fred Williams, Joy Hester, Richard Bell, Tom Bass and Ian Fairweather.

Born in 1970, Macintyre lives and works in Brisbane. He was a Wynne Prize finalist in 2009 and a finalist for the National Sculpture Prize in 2005. In 2009, Macintyre was a subject of ABC TV’s  documentary Artscape. / / SULLIVAN + STRUMPF, 799 Elizabeth Street, Zetland, Sydney