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Every 2 years industrial designer Andrew Simpson (of Vert Design) curates a number of local Sydney designers to work in a selected medium – this year being stone.

Object Gallery plays host to Interpretations IIII, works in stone from Simpson, Charles Wilson, Henry Wilson, Michael Alvisse, Liane Rossler, Oliver Smith, Tasman Munro and Guy Keulemans.

This is the fourth iteration of Interpretations, and previous exhibitions have featured work in glass, sheet metal and sand casting.

In the lead up to the opening, the designers collaborate to share ideas and processes, and explore how they each operate. This has lead to the exhibition incorporating the process of design as well as the works created. And while the objects created are stunning, this exposure of process enhances your appreciation of what went into them.

For more information on previous Interpretations exhibitions, visit the Interpretations website.